Exit Your Business

Successfully transition out of your business and into your Next Chapter 

Peace of mind on a silver platter

Transitioning out of your business without full confidence of its continuity — no succession plan, no value building, no due diligence — is the worst nightmare of business owners. Without a structured roadmap, expect the years you spent growing your business to go down the drain. 

This is where your Next Chapter team comes in. 

Our team can provide a comprehensive plan to help you successfully transition out of your business. Receive balanced advice that clearly outlines your goals and the options available to you, without bias. Our succession planning is customized and comprehensive. No missing pieces, no surprises. 

Exit your business the right way. 

What’s in a comprehensive succession plan:

A clear business strategy that outlines and articulates a compelling growth story to your potential investors or buyers 

A thorough analysis of your business to identify any potential issues that could impact the exit process. This includes legal, financial, and operational due diligence 

Practical and effective advice on your business exit, whether it’s to be passed along to the next generation or sold to a third-party purchaser, bearing in mind both tax and business considerations 

Working as a key member of your succession team to ensure your financials are as healthy as they can be for sale or transition 

Assistance in third party sales, management and/or employee buy outs, and inter-generational transfers 

Strategic financial planning to ensure a seamless transition for the business and its stakeholders

Your Next Chapter Team

Douglas Lochhead

CEO & Wealth Manager at Granite Financial Group

Keith Findlay

Partner at Scarrow & Donald, LLP

Doug Forbes

Partner, Acquisitions and Financing Lawyer at TDS Law

Donovan Fowke

President, Symbicore Inc.

Greg Libbrecht

President, Platinum Business Services Ltd

Steven Beal​

Founder of Beal Business Brokers & Advisors

Leo Palay

Tax Lawyer at Thompson Dorfman Sweatman LLP